How to install PyCharm on Ubuntu

Pycharm is my favorite IDE for Python especially its feature rich debugger. This is a quick post where will be installing PyCharm on Ubuntu.

Let’s first download PyCharm Community Edition installer to the desired location where we want to have PyCharm installed. I had chosen ~/pycharm folder.

Next we will extract the archive using the following command

In the terminal navigate to the folder where the file is located, in my case /home/pradeep/pycharm/pycharm-community-2017.1.1/bin. Then execute the following command in the following terminal.

If you just execute you may encounter “command not found error”. So make sure to enter the command with the “./” along with the script name. After the installation completes in no time. In the next screen you will be given an option to import the settings (of previous installation of PyCharm).

In the next screen, you can create a shortcut in the System Menu and chose the themes for PyCharm.

That’s all. PyCharm is now successfully installed and you are ready to rock!



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