Using PyCharm with Anaconda Virtual Environments

If you are regular reader of my blog, you would have noticed that I use Python mostly in Anaconda virtual environments. PyCharm is my favourite IDE for Python. Now the question is does PyCharm support conda environments? Fortunately the answer is Yes! In this post I will walk through the settings in PyCharm so that you can chose the right conda environment.

Launch PyCharm and navigate to Settings –> Project Interpreter.

If you click on the dropdown arrow, it should list all the interpreters currently available on the system which also includes interpreters from conda environments. If for some reasons you don’t see the desired interpreter listed, click on the settings button and you should be presented with the following options.

Clicking on More will again list the interpreters currently available.

By clicking on the “+” button you can either add a Local interpreter or Create New Conda Env.

With Conda Env support, PyCharm is so much more powerful.

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