How to resolve time differences after dual booting Windows 10 and Linux Mint 18

I use Linux Mint 18 as primary operating system and sometimes boot to Windows 10. Since both of these operating systems are installed side-by-side, I boot to them using dual options in grub. Every time I boot to Windows and boot to Linux Mint or vice versa, I faced a strange problem. On Linux Mint, the system time would jump by few hours however if I check the Date and time settings, the timezone is correct represented.

After troubleshooting this for sometime, I noticed the following.

  • Ubuntu by default maintains the realtime clock in UTC time
  • Windows maintains the realtime clock in Local Time

Hence the conflict. To resolve this I decided to change the Ubuntu realtime clock to use Local time. To do this I executed the following command in Terminal.

To confirm if this command had worked correctly or not we can execute the following command.

As seen in the warning, system is now using Local time zone for Real Time Clock (RTC). After this I did not face the time jump issue even after booting into Windows 10 multiple times.

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