How to find out the recently installed package on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

On many occasions I tend to install and try out new packages on Ubuntu/Linux Mint. If the operating systems does not work as expected I usually check which was the last package that I had installed or on what date a particular package was installed. In this post I will share few commands that I use to get this information.

APT and apt-get are very powerful commands which works with Ubuntu’s Advanced Packaging Tool (APT). The following command gives us the list of all the packages installed

As you see in the following output it does not give the details of the date installed, hence the output cannot be sorted by date.

Hence I usually read the /var/log/dpkg.log file to find out the package that was installed last. Here is the command that I use

With the tail -n 20 command I am getting the last 20 lines of the file and then with grep I am searching for status installed words in that file. The -w parameter in grep is forcing grep to match the exact word that is provided. Here is the output of the command which gives me the information that I need.

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