Using PyCharm with Anaconda Virtual Environments

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If you are regular reader of my blog, you would have noticed that I use Python mostly in Anaconda virtual environments. PyCharm is my favourite IDE for Python. Now the question is does PyCharm support conda environments? Fortunately the answer is Yes! In this post I will walk through the settings in PyCharm so that you can chose the right conda environment. Launch PyCharm and navigate to Settings --> Project Interpreter. If you click on the dropdown arrow, it should list all the interpreters currently available on the system which also includes interpreters from conda environments. If for some reasons you don't see the desired interpreter [...]

How to install PyCharm on Ubuntu

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Pycharm is my favorite IDE for Python especially its feature rich debugger. This is a quick post where will be installing PyCharm on Ubuntu. Let's first download PyCharm Community Edition installer to the desired location where we want to have PyCharm installed. I had chosen ~/pycharm folder. Next we will extract the archive using the following command [crayon-5ae288ebf40f6853589641/] In the terminal navigate to the folder where the file is located, in my case /home/pradeep/pycharm/pycharm-community-2017.1.1/bin. Then execute the following command in the following terminal. [crayon-5ae288ebf4109903523635/] If you just execute you may encounter "command not found error". So make sure to enter the command with the "./" along with [...]

How to configure static IP for your home PC and connect remotely

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I have a desktop at home which is my lab and many a times I need to connect to it when I am away. Since the public IP address for the router keeps changing dynamically, I needed a way to connect to the machine reliably. There were two options. Get a static IP address from the ISP Go for a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) name Dynamic DNS is a good option where you can bind your local computer's port to a domain name and access from it anywhere. Even there are free DDNS providers like but I found the configuration and hassles of maintaining a DDNS name [...]

Make PuTTY window transparent and prettier

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When I am working on Windows PuTTY is my go to tools for SSH. On Linux Mint, I am used to the semi-transparent window of the terminal. But on PuTTY, there is no option for transparency. In this post I will share some information on how to make PuTTY transparent and few extra tips on making it look prettier. PuTTY Tray is the tool which I have been using for quite sometime now. This is an improvised version of PuTTY and has an option to make the window transparent. Like PuTTY, PuTTY Tray is a small portable file (1MB). If you have already saved few [...]

How to reduce the size of a bloated Jupyter Notebook

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I was recently working on a Python project using Jupyter Notebook. The data that I was dealing with was relatively large and the training iteration was also high. As and when I executed the code in Jupyter Notebook, its size started to increase drastically. This is because the Notebook by default saves the output of the code as well. Finally when I wanted to share the notebook, I realized that the file had grown to 100 MB in size! I had also closed the Notebook abruptly while the Kernel was still executing some code. As a result whenever I tried to open the notebook, the browser would [...]

How to get back Menu bar of Sublime Text 3 on Linux

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I use Sublime text as my default text editor on Windows. It is very stable,quick and feature rich text editor. Since I am so used to it, I also use it on my Linux Mint installation as well. For a minimalistic view, I always hide the Menu bar using View --> Hide Menu option. To get the Menu bar back, I just press the Alt key on Windows. However on Linux no matter how many times I press Alt key, the Menu bar will not toggle. One of the workaround to this is to open the Command Palette by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P [...]

AutoHotKey | Script fails with variable name contains an illegal character

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I am a big fan of automating routine tasks. When I work on Windows AutoHotKey scripting language is my go-to tool for automation. With AutoHotKey one can automate just about anything on Windows. While working on one such scripts, I encountered the following problem. [crayon-5ae288ec14280524063925/] As seen in the above error message, in line 14 I am splitting a variable with text values (delimited by ".") and assigning the output to an array called word_array. Now the script is complaining that the variable name has an illegal character i.e.TheWindowsUser which is the value I had assigned to the variable UserName. For a moment I was puzzled how the variable is [...]

Always execute a program as a different user on Windows

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I like to create new scripts and automate the routine work. In order to test the scripts, at times I would like to execute those scripts under the credentials of a different users. In order to make my job easy, I would create a shortcut for that script. Run as a different user option in Windows GUI is a good option but the problem with this approach is that I need to enter the credentials of the users on each occasion. In this post I will explain how I create a shortcut for a program so that it runs as a different user but does not prompt [...]

Cannot access shared folder on VirtualBox guest Ubuntu OS

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I had created a shared folder in VirtualBox for an Ubuntu VM that I had created. This shared folder was visible in the guest OS (Ubuntu) but when I tried to open it, it was failing with the following error. In order to access any shared folders in Ubuntu, the user should be part of the vboxsf group in Ubuntu. By default no users are part of this group. To resolve this error, all I had to do was the add the current user as a member of vboxsf group. Executing the following command from the terminal would do the job. [crayon-5ae288ec1eee1892499260/] In order to add user [...]

Ubuntu Live boot results in frozen display on VirtualBox

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In order to test few features of TensorFlow, I wanted to configure a Ubuntu VM on VirtualBox. For Virtual Machines I like the Lubuntu distribution of Ubuntu as it is light-weight and has all the important packages readily installed. Hence I got the Lubuntu ISO image and started a new VM. However within minutes of starting the VM, the display would get frozen and does not return back to normal display. I stumbled upon a few articles, forum entries which suggested the following options. Press Right Ctrl + F1 to switch to the shell Press Right Ctrl + F7 to switch back to the graphical display If the [...]